Sunshine Art

How the Sun Paintings came into being

pic_barleysun After my 3 years at Bath Academy of Fine Arts, I didn't pick up a paintbrush for eight years !

Though some of my writing and painting has been driven by the need to eat and keep a roof over my head, most of it is guided by spirit. In the 1980s I spent time in Glastonbury, working in a healing centre, and in my spare time I began to paint again, developing a collage technique suitable for expressing the visions of light which crowded my mind. My fascination with sacred geometry led me to do a series of 30 paintings based on Glastonbury, and all of these are now in private collections.

pic_watersunThe first suns were painted on a table in the corner of a very noisy London bedsit. Again, I was guided by spirit, and told to use only spectrum colours. For me this was truly the door to creative freedom. In the years at art college, I had struggled with the kind of colours we were expected to use, ochre, sepia, terracotta, and I found them depressing. The pure colours of the rainbow suddenly empowered me to express what I have always known about love and light.

pic_bluegrasssunThat first collection of sun paintings were exhibited in London at the Mall Galleries, the International Arts Centre, and Loggia Gallery. Outside London I had solo exhibitions at the Oxford Playhouse, the Young Gallery in Salisbury, Dillington House Gallery, and at the Festival for Mind, Body and Spirit at Olympia. All except four of these paintings were sold to private collectors and healing centres.

pic_watersunIn the 1990s, after a time of great trauma and sadness, I came to live with Ted in an idyllic place in Cornwall. There we planted FOREST OF DREAMS, and I began to write and paint with renewed energy and vision. Pictures queued up in my mind, waiting to be painted, mostly suns, and angels. I sold many from my studio, but I have kept a small collection. Photographs cannot do justice to these paintings, for their texture catches the light in different ways. People have found the sun paintings ideal for meditation, for healing sanctuaries, hospitals, and places where light and colour are needed to calm and inspire.


To have my love for art and language brought together was an amazing and unexpected gift from spirit, and as a bonus, it also included my wish to make a difference. I asked for guidance in meditation, and this is what happened:

I was asked to do 12 pictures, each with a hidden message, and the 12 messages were : Love, gratitude, smile, joy, hope, be still, mystery, life, peace, pray, listen, and love. The word love had to be at the beginning and end of the sequence, and that itself is symbolic. The pictures were intricate and brightly coloured, with little people in them, people on a journey, and some contained sacred geometry, for example the picture of PEACE has the magic square of nine in it.

I still have the original 12, but I'm doing more, and hope to exhibit them one day.

smilepic_lovepic_peacelife to top...
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